Why to go with Stiffeners

  • Property/Project site visits carried out by our professional engineers/valuers.
  • Taking measurements in site with latest electronic measuring device and measuring tapes.
  • Market enquiry and analysis related to the area where property/project is located.
  • Verifying the brochures of the property/project if available.
  • Verifying the approved plan copies pertaining to the property/project and thus relating it to the site conditions and validating the same.
  • Verifying the legal documents pertaining to the property/project and correlating with that of approved plan as well as site conditions and validating the same.
  • Minimum no of 4 and maximum no of 8 snapshots of the property/ project will be taken during site visits with high end digital cameras recorded with date and time.
  • Preparation of a detailed report pertaining to the property/project along with photographs of the property/project.
  • Subsequent site visits for properties/project under construction and preparation of a detailed report.
  • Advising/Consultancy in terms of buying and selling a property.
  • Detailed explanations on all the glossary terms related to a property/project.
  • 24Hrs turnaround time in generating and delivering the property/project report.
  • Reports prepared by our experts fully comply with the valuation standards and confidential.

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